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The foundations of today’s NCB Lohmann GmbH were laid in 1908 – four generations ago. In those days the chief executive’s great-grandfather founded a metal-working company.

The company has grown continuously since its formation. In 1993 it was partially assumed by Wolfgang Lohmann (graduate engineer).

NCB Lohmann GmbH handles complex, custom powertrain-component machining projects in the railtransport technology and automotive-engineering sectors, as well as for general mechanical engineering ventures.

Due to our modern machinery and equipment including 4/5-axis rotation and machining centers with integral tool and pallet changers, we are able to fulfill customized requirements in a cost-effective and time-saving way.

The company consists of 220 employees at the moment and reaches an annual turnover of EUR 38 millions.

This company overview is a quick introduction to each of the specialist areas covered by NCB. Experience shows that the benefits of working with NCB become evident as your project progresses. For that I give you my word!

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19. December 2019
Capacity expansion Plant 2

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